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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 Crack Serial Number Full Download

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 Crack Serial Number Free Download

Dreamweaver CC now offers multi-monitor support for Windows. The application automatically scales according to the resolution of the monitor.

Multi-monitor support offers several benefits. For example, you can untab a document and view the document in another monitor. By doing so, you can easily open and compare versions of a document, or two different documents.

It is also possible to view and edit different types of Dreamweaver documents in multi-monitors. For example, you can edit an HTML document in one monitor while viewing or editing a CSS document in another monitor.

Dreamweaver CC now supports HiDPI displays for Windows and is per-monitor DPI-aware. That is, the application scales as per the scaling set of the monitor.

Earlier, in 4k displays, the UI elements in Dreamweaver did not scale properly. Items like menus, fonts, icons were pixelated and appeared small and blurry. With the support for HiDPI, Dreamweaver offers improved user experience. The UI elements appear crisper, without any pixelation. Further, you do not experience issues like overflow of UI elements.

Test the connectivity to remote repositories

You can now check the connectivity to your remote Git repository from within Dreamweaver. Click Test in the Site Setup dialog box or the Add New Remote dialog box. Dreamweaver tests whether or not the URL of your remote repository is valid.