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AutoCAD 2014 Product Key Plus Crack x86 x64 Full Download

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Features AutoCAD 2014

features for design and documentation
AutoCAD 2014 serial number software features include an updated modern interface that improves the design process and productivity enhancements that help speed your workflow. Quickly open new and existing drawings with the New Tab page, access drawing content directly from the ribbon, and find tools with a more powerful Help window.

Refined interface in  AutoCAD 2014

The interface has an updated look and feel that helps improve the design process. The darker interface is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also reduces eyestrain by making fine lines, buttons, and text easier to see.

Ribbon galleries AutoCAD 2014

Visually access drawing content directly from the ribbon, saving time and clicks. The Ribbon gallery offers a fast and intuitive workflow. For example, suppose you want to add a block to your design. Using the Ribbon gallery, hover over the ribbon for a block insertion. The Block gallery will display thumbnails of all the blocks. You can insert your selection right away, without having to use a dialog box.

Tab page in AutoCAD 2014

Get started on your design immediately with the Tab page. Quickly open and existing drawings and access a large selection of design elements. Open templates, updates from design feed, or design data residing on the A360 cloud application.

Command preview of AutoCAD 2014

Preview the outcomes of frequently used commands before you commit to them. Command preview helps you reduce the number of Undo commands you make by letting you evaluate the potential changes of commands such as Offset, Fillet, and Trim.

Dynamic blocks in AutoCAD 2014

Add flexibility and intelligence to your block references. You can now insert a block that can change shape, size, or configuration instead of having to insert numerous static blocks. For example, instead of creating multiple interior door blocks of different sizes, you can now create one resizable door block.

Data links AutoCAD 2014

Create a live link between an Excel spreadsheet and an AutoCAD table in your drawing. Whether you update the spreadsheet from an external file or from the table, the data link feature updates both sources simultaneously.

Layer state manager feature of AutoCAD 2014

Save your layer settings as layer states, and share them with others. Layer states can save information like color or linetype, including whether a layer is turned off, frozen, or locked. Use the Layer State Manager dialog to create and manage sets of layer settings.

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