Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Devil in the Belfry Walkthrough

  1. Welcome to the Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Devil in the Belfry Walkthrough
  2. Can you save an old friend from a deadly legend in time?
  3. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
  4. This document contains a complete Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Devil in the Belfry game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!
  5. We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with.
  6. This walkthrough was created by prpldva, and is protected under US Copyright laws. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.
  7. Walkthrough Menu
  8. General Tips
  9. Chapter 1: Heller’s Manor
  10. Chapter 2: Theater Stage
  11. Chapter 3: Street
  12. Chapter 4: SquareGeneral Tips
  13. This is the official guide for Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Devil in the Belfry.
  14. This guide will not mention each time you have to zoom into a location; the screenshots will show each zoom scene.
  15. Hidden-object puzzles are referred to as HOPs. This guide will not show HOP solutions. It will identify the location of the HOP and the inventory item acquired.
  16. This guide will show solutions for non-random puzzles. Please read the in-game instructions for each puzzle.
  17. In this game, you will sometimes have to select the new scene to trigger dialog, cut-scenes, or tasks prior to interacting with the scene.
  18. Chapter 1: Heller’s Manor
  19. Talk; take and read file (A); earn PHOTO.
  20. Talk (B).
  21. Talk (C).
  22. Take LANTERN (D).
  23. Solution (E); earn 1/3 DOVE and ROPE.
  24. Play HOP; earn FEATHERS (F).
  26. Take PLIERS; use FEATHER DUSTER (G).
  27. Play HOP (H).
  28. HOP mini-game solution 1-8 (@); earn 2/3 DOVE.
  29. Take LIZARD; use PLIERS; earn 3/3 DOVE (I).
  30. Select (J).
  31. Place DOVE; select 1-4; take 1/2 CLOCK PART and PACKAGE WITH BUTTON (K).
  33. Replace BUTTON (L).
  34. Select 3x to fill meter (M).
  35. Talk (N).
  36. Go forward.
  37. Talk (O); play HOP; earn LARS’ KEY.
  38. Solution 1-3 (P).
  39. Talk; take SAFE CODE (Q).
  40. Take 2/2 CLOCK PART (R).
  41. Open clock; take 1/3 PIN; place CLOCK PART and restore face. Take ANTLER (S).
  42. Take WEIGHT; place ANTLER; solution (T).
  43. Take 2/3 PIN (U).
  44. Take 3/3 PIN (V).
  45. Select (W).
  46. Place PIN; solution Ax3-B-C-B-Dx2-C-E-F-Dx2-Gx2-Fx2-E-Hx2.
  47. Take GATE PART and MEDICINE (I).
  48. Give MEDICINE; take WINDOW HANDLE (J).
  49. Use WINDOW HANDLE (K).
  50. Go right.
  51. Talk (A).
  52. Select (B).
  53. Take 1/3 PLAYING CARD (C).
  54. Take DRY SPONGE (D).
  55. Take 1/2 SMALL WHEEL (E).
  56. Take 2/2 SMALL WHEEL (F).
  57. Take WRENCH SET (G).
  58. Place SMALL WHEEL; read diary; take AMULETS (H).
  59. Select AMULETS.
  60. Select pairs (I); take CROW TALON (J).
  61. Place and select CROW TALON; use DRY SPONGE; earn WET SPONGE (K).
  62. Use WET SPONGE and LARS’ KEY; take 2/3 GATE PART (L).
  63. Use WRENCH SET (M).
  64. Place the wrenches as shown (N).
  65. Take 3/3 GATE PART.
  66. Place GATE PART (O).
  67. Solution S-U-Xx2-S-U-R-S-Tx2-U-Xx3-Q-W-Xx2-Vx3-W-Px3-Q.
  68. X-T-U-Rx2-S-X-Px2-Q-Vx3-W-Xx3-Rx2-S-Tx3-U-Tx2-Vx2-Rx3-Px3.
  69. Go right.
  70. Talk (A).
  71. Talk (B). Use LANTERN on scene; play HOP.
  72. Take HORSESHOE (C).
  73. Solution (D).
  74. Select; take COIN (E).
  75. Use COIN; grab the items in the randomly generated order shown; take APPLE (F).
  76. Take ROSE; give APPLE; take 2/3 PLAYING CARD (G).
  77. Remove cover; play HOP; earn 3/3 PLAYING CARD (H).
  78. Take 1/4 CHIP (I); place PLAYING CARD.
  79. Select any card (J); watch movements and select same card (K). This mini-game is randomly generated. Your solution may vary.
  80. Take TICKET (L).
  81. Use TICKET (M).
  82. Go forward.
  83. Turn and go right (N).
  84. Turn and go left (O).
  85. Go forward (P).
  86. Chapter 2: Theater Stage
  87. Talk (A).
  88. Play HOP; earn DAGGER and 2/4 CHIP (B).
  89. Take 3/4 CHIP (C).
  90. Talk (D).
  91. Play HOP; take PIN (E).
  92. Select; take RIBBON (G).
  94. Give FISHING ROD (H).
  95. Move to position shown (I); move up avoiding air bubbles; earn 4/4 CHIP.
  96. Place CHIPS (J).
  97. Solution C-Bx5-Ax3-Ex5-B-D-B-C-D-B-D-Cx2-B-C-Bx7.
  98. Take 1/2 HALF-APPLE KEY and 1/3 CARD (F).
  99. Go forward.
  100. Take CAGE KEY; place DAGGER (G).
  101. Select 1-4 (H).
  102. Play HOP (I).
  103. HOP mini-game solution (J); earn UMBRELLA.
  104. Use UMBRELLA (K).
  105. Use CAGE KEY; remove cloth; move (L-M).
  106. Use (N-O)-(P-Q).
  107. Select R-S-T.
  108. Solution (U).
  109. Take 1st HALF FLEUR DE LIS (V).
  110. Take DIARY (A).
  111. Take MEDALLION (B).
  112. Select MEDALLION 2x; take HEART MEDALLION.
  113. HEART MEDALLION on DIARY; take CODE; turn pages and take 2nd HALF FLEUR DE LIS and 2/2 ROSE.
  114. Place both HALF FLEUR DE LIS and CODE (C); select 2-3-5-7 (D).
  115. Go left.
  116. Select scene 2x.
  117. Solution (H-F-H-G)-(F-E-G-E-H)-(E-H-G-F-H-E).
  118. Talk; take PLATE (J).
  119. Take and read NOTE (K).
  120. Select (L).
  121. Drag (M-N).
  122. Talk; take SCREWDRIVER (O).
  123. Take RAG (P).
  124. Select PLATE; play HOP; take BONE. Use RAG on PLATE.
  125. Use BONE; drag left and right to fill bar; take SHARP BONE (Q).
  126. Use SHARP BONE; take LOCKPICK (R).
  128. Solution Cx2-D-C-Ax2-B-Ex6-D-C-Ax4-Ex5-D-Cx2-Ax6-B.
  129. C-A-B-Ex2-D-C-Ex5-D-Cx3-Ax3-B-Ex7-D-C-Ax7-B.
  130. Go forward.
  131. Talk; take WRENCH (F).
  132. Take CANDLE (G).
  134. Take HANDLE (H).
  135. Use CANDLE; take BOLTS (I).
  136. Walk down.
  137. Use WRENCH; take PIPE (J).
  138. Use PIPE; take 1/4 MEDALS and HACKSAW (K).
  139. Take TOOLS EMBLEM from HACKSAW.
  140. Go forward.
  141. Place TOOLS EMBLEM; take BLADE and 1/2 OWL (L).
  143. Take 2/2 OWL (M).
  144. Use HACKSAW (N).
  145. Talk; take KEY (O).
  146. Place OWL; read book; take HANDLE (P).
  147. Use KEY; play HOP; earn 2/4 MEDALS (Q).
  148. Use HANDLE; take 3/4 MEDALS and HORSE (R).
  149. Place HORSE; select pairs (S); play HOP; earn 4/4 MEDALS.
  150. Select (T).
  151. Place MEDALS; restore medals (A); pan right.
  152. Restore medals (B); pan right.
  153. Restore medals (C); pan right.
  154. Restore medals (D); pan right.
  155. Go forward (E).
  156. Use LABYRINTH MAP on scene; go forward 2x, left, forward 2x, left, forward, right 2x and forward (F).
  157. Take HAMMER (G).
  158. Walk down 8x; go right 2x, and go left (H).
  159. Place HAMMER (I); take ANVIL KEY (J).
  160. Walk down 2x; go left, forward and right (K).
  161. Take CROWN (L).
  162. Walk down 4x; go left, forward 2x, right, forward 2x; go right, left 2x (M).
  163. Place CROWN; take SKULL KEY (N).
  164. Walk down, forward, right 2x, left 2x (O).
  165. Select 1-8; earn LADDER (P).
  166. Walk down 13x; go right, left, forward 3x; go right (Q).
  167. Use LADDER; take HELMET KEY (R).
  168. Walk down 6x (S).
  169. Use ANVIL KEY (T), SKULL KEY (U), and HELMET KEY (V).
  170. Go forward.
  171. Select (A).
  172. Talk (B).
  173. Take 1/3 LIGHT BULB; use HACKSAW (C).
  174. Go forward, left.
  175. Talk (D).
  176. Play HOP; earn 1/2 CRYSTALS; place ROSE; take EYE and 1/3 MASK (E).
  177. Take FISH; place EYE; take 2/3 MASK (F).
  178. Take 3/3 MASK (G).
  179. Walk down 2x.
  180. Take HAMMER; place FISH; take 2/3 CARD (H).
  181. Walk down.
  182. Use HAMMER (I); take TROWEL (J).
  183. Go forward 2x.
  184. Place MASK; move (K-M)-(L-K)-(N-L)-(K-N).
  185. Use TROWEL; take CRYPTEX (O).
  186. Talk; take PAPER (P).
  187. Place PAPER; play HOP; take CRYPTEX PASSWORD (Q).
  188. CRYPTEX PASSWORD on CRYPTEX; solution (R); read note; take STAR and KEY.
  189. Go left.
  190. Use KEY; take BAG KEY (A).
  191. Take ADDRESS (B).
  192. Take 3/3 CARD (C).
  193. Place CARD; solution (D); play HOP; earn CONSTABLE’S DIARY.
  194. Take CLOCK from CONSTABLE’S DIARY; read diary; take 2/2 CRYSTALS.
  195. Place CRYSTALS; select 1-10; take 2/2 HALF-APPLE KEY (E).
  196. Walk down 3x.
  197. Use BAG KEY; move (F-G).
  198. Use ADDRESS (H).
  199. Move horse left, center, or right (I) to avoid obstacles (J).
  200. Chapter 3: Street
  201. Talk (K).
  202. Take POSTMAN (L).
  203. Take 1/2 HEART; place POSTMAN; take NEWSPAPER (M).
  204. Take LEAF (N).
  205. Take CANE PART (O).
  206. Take SKULL from CANE PART.
  207. Place LEAF; take DISK (P).
  208. Use DISK and NEWSPAPER; solution (Q).
  209. Go right.
  210. Talk; take INSTRUCTIONS (A).
  211. Take LIGHTNING; remove broken bulbs (B).
  212. Take 1/2 GEAR; place LIZARD (C).
  213. Play HOP; earn 2/3 LIGHT BULB (D).
  214. Walk down.
  215. Place LIGHTNING; take 3/3 LIGHT BULB (E).
  216. Go right.
  217. Place LIGHT BULB and INSTRUCTIONS; set buttons as show; select lever (F).
  218. Talk; take GLASS (G).
  219. Walk down.
  220. Use GLASS; earn WATER (H).
  221. Go right.
  222. Give WATER (I).
  223. Take PLIERS (J).
  224. Take CORKSCREW (K).
  225. Walk down.
  226. Use PLIERS; earn HUMAN (L).
  227. Use HUMAN; select (M).
  228. Place SKULL (A); move (D-G-F-C)-(E-F-G)-(C-B)-(A-C-F-H-I).
  229. Move (O-P)-(R-O-L)-(P-O)-(M-P-S)-(J-M-P)-(N-K)-(P-Q)-(S-P-M)-(Q-P-S-T).
  230. Go left.
  231. Take 2/2 HEART and LARS’ NOTE (R).
  232. Take REFLECTOR PART (S).
  233. Take 1/2 ROLLER; place and select HEART; take KEY ONE (T).
  234. Use KEY ONE; take PERFUME and HAIR COMB from the bags (U).
  235. Take FLASK (V).
  236. Talk (W).
  237. Walk down, right.
  238. Place FLASK; take BRAIN (A).
  239. Place BRAIN; take LUNG (B).
  240. Walk down, left.
  241. Place; select LUNG; take KEY TWO (C).
  242. Use KEY TWO; take PIPE and HANDKERCHIEF from bags (D).
  243. Talk; take 2/2 ROLLER (E).
  244. Place ROLLER; solution (F).
  245. Take HAND; remove test tube (G).
  246. Walk down, right.
  247. Play HOP; earn REAGENTS (H).
  248. Place HAND; take KEROSENE (I).
  249. Walk down, left.
  250. Select (J).
  251. Place KEROSENE (K) and REAGENTS (L).
  252. Move reagents in order 1-6 to (M).
  253. Place PERFUME (N); select (O).
  254. Place PIPE (N); select (O).
  255. Place HAIR COMB (N); select (O).
  256. Place HANDKERCHIEF (N); select (O).
  257. Place CLOCK (N); select (O).
  258. Take RESULTS (P).
  259. Talk; take BOOK (Q).
  260. Take LENS from BOOK.
  261. Walk down; forward.
  262. Place LENS and RESULTS; select (R).
  263. Move sheet from (A-B). Select lenses (C) and move paper to find the samples (D).
  264. First sheet solutions (E).
  265. Second sheet solutions (F).
  266. Third sheet solutions (G).
  267. Fourth sheet solutions (H).
  268. Fifth sheet solutions (I).
  269. Take MICROSCOPE TEST (J).
  270. MICROSCOPE TEST on BOOK; select and take POISON.
  271. Walk down, left.
  272. Give POISON; take PHARMACY PHOTO (K).
  273. Walk down 2x.
  274. Talk (L).
  275. Take BAG (M).
  276. Take 1/2 RAVEN from BAG.
  277. Talk (L).
  278. Play HOP; earn BADGE (N).
  279. BADGE on BAG; read note; take LEVER.
  280. Walk down.
  281. Open; take OIL CAN (O).
  282. Use OIL CAN; place LEVER; select (P).
  283. Go left.
  284. Chapter 4: Square
  285. Talk (A).
  286. Take 2/2 GEAR (B).
  287. Take HANDLE; place GEAR; select (C).
  288. Take CANE HANDLE (D).
  290. Take 1/3 GLASS (E).
  291. Take 1/5 TAG; use CANE (F).
  292. Select when in green circle (G).
  293. Play HOP; earn FIRE EXTINGUISHER (H).
  295. Select Jx3.
  296. Go forward.
  297. Replace REFLECTOR PART; select (L).
  298. Take HOOK and LOCK PART (M).
  299. Place HANDLE; take BUTTON (N).
  300. Place and select BUTTON; take KEY (O).
  301. Place LOCK PART; restore; use KEY (P).
  302. Take MEDICINE CHEST and STONE (Q).
  303. Walk down.
  304. Place STONE; select 1-4; take 2/3 GLASS and CADUCEUS (A).
  305. Go forward.
  306. Place CADUCEUS; take 3/3 GLASS (B).
  307. Place GLASS; solution (C).
  308. Take MESSAGE and CROWN (E).
  310. Place CROWN; take RING (F).
  311. Walk down.
  312. Select: use RING and CANE; turn key (G).
  313. Go left.
  314. Use CANE (H).
  316. Place HOOK; select (J-K); take BOOK (L).
  317. Take 2/5 TAG (M).
  318. Take HAT; place BOOK (N).
  319. Solution; take 3/5 TAG (O).
  320. HAT on BAG; take 4/5 TAG.
  321. Walk down.
  322. Play HOP; earn FEATHER (P).
  323. Place MAGNIFYING GLASS; take RIB (Q).
  324. Go forward.
  325. Place RIB; select (R-S); take CROSS (T).
  327. Walk down, left.
  328. Place FEATHER; take 5/5 TAG (A).
  329. Place TAG; solution; take KEY (B).
  330. Use KEY; take SAFE LOCK KNOB (C).
  331. Select (D).
  332. Place SAFE LOCK KNOB and STETHOSCOPE on safe.
  333. Move (E-F); select (I).
  334. Move (F-G); select Ix2-J.
  335. Move (G-H); select J.
  336. Place STAR; take GOVERNOR’S SEAL (K).
  337. Select (L).
  338. Place EVIDENCE; move to envelope; select (M).
  339. Move (N-O); use GOVERNOR’S RING; take GOVERNOR’S LETTER.
  340. Walk down.
  341. Talk (P).
  342. Talk; give GOVERNOR’S LETTER (Q).
  343. Walk down.
  344. Talk; take 1/2 FIGURINE (R).
  345. Walk down.
  346. Take PUZZLE (S).
  347. Place PUZZLE; solution (T).
  348. Take 2/2 FIGURINE (U).
  349. Select (V).
  350. Place FIGURINE; solution (W).
  351. Go left.
  352. Talk (A).
  353. Select the buttons (B) to match the icons when they are in the green (C) to fill the meter.
  354. Select; take BOTTLE (D).
  355. CORKSCREW on BOTTLE; earn WINE.
  356. Take 1/3 CRYSTAL (E).
  357. Use WINE; take 1/2 SHIELD (F).
  358. Take 2/2 SHIELD (G).
  359. Talk; place SHIELD (H).
  360. Take 1/2 SNAKE (I).
  361. Take 2/2 SNAKE (J).
  363. Use CHISEL; take FLOWER (K).
  364. Place FLOWER; take ANTIDOTE (L).
  365. ANTIDOTE on MEDICINE CHEST; use syringe on hand (M); take GRAPE (N).
  366. Place GRAPE; take FIREPLACE PART (O).
  368. Place ENGAGEMENT RINGS (Q); play HOP.
  369. HOP mini-game; solution (R).
  370. Earn DOOR PART.
  371. Place DOOR PART; select 1-4 (S).
  372. Walk down.
  373. Select (T).
  374. Go right.
  375. Place BELL (U).
  376. Go forward.
  377. Take 2/2 RAVEN (A).
  378. Take 2/3 CRYSTAL (B).
  379. Walk down.
  380. Place RAVEN; take 3/3 CRYSTAL (C).
  381. Go forward.
  382. Place CRYSTAL (D).
  383. Move (E-F)-(G-H)-(I-J).
  384. Move (K-L).
  385. Move (M-N).
  386. Move tumblers to lock (O).
  387. Solution (P).
  388. Take BRACELET (Q).
  389. Place BRACELET; earn ROPE (A).
  390. Use ROPE (B); select (C).
  391. Congratulations! You have completed Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe’s The Devil in the Belfry!
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