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Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 Crack Full Version Free Download

Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 Crack Full Version Free Download

Adobe Lightroom CC 2017 Crack Full Version Free Download

Lightroom CC 2017 Crack

HDR capture for mobile

With true High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture, your Lightroom mobile in-app camera automatically adjusts for optimal exposure to render the scene exactly the way you see it.

Pro edit mode for iPhone

The new edit interface for iPhone gives you pro-level manual control over white balance, temperature, exposure, contrast, and more. You can also crop photos and apply edits to specific parts of your photo.

Info panel for iPhone

Now you can add or change the title, caption and copyright of your photos right from your iPhone. The Info panel also lets you rate and flag your photos, post and view comments, and view all your metadata. 

Pro-level capture for mobile

Use the professional capture mode to control your in-app camera’s shutter speed, ISO and focus. With the new capture experience and Lightroom for mobile, your iPhone or iPad works like your DSLR camera. 

Raw support on mobile

Capture, edit, and share Adobe raw DNG photos on your iOS or Android device. Sync your raw photos and edits back to Lightroom CC on your desktop.

Local adjustments on the go

Selectively apply Exposure, Brightness, Clarity, and other adjustments to a specific part of a photo. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Lightroom for Apple TV

View and share your Lightroom photos and create an immersive experience at home on your big-screen TV. Available with fourth-generation Apple TVs.

Direct access to Adobe Stock

Now you can submit your photos directly from Lightroom to Adobe Stock and sell them to buyers in the world’s largest creative community. 

Guided Upright

Capture the perfect perspective by controlling and straightening skewed lines like the horizon or distorted buildings that aren’t automatically detected by Upright.

Boundary Warp to see the big picture

Boundary Warp stretches the edges of a merged panorama so you don’t have to crop out any important details. Now you can preserve the look and feel of your entire image, even if your merged pano results in transparent edges.