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Easily find and remove unnecessary duplicate files

Symptoms: Your PC is running out of disk space quickly

  • even though you’ve removed temporary data with our improved Disk Cleaner!

Cause: Over time,

  • a lot of unnecessary clone files accumulate on your hard disk.
  • These could be backup copies of files you forgot
  • Photos you accidentally saved twice
  • or personal videos you cloned for editing
  • but also many programs regularly clone files that you don’t need

Solution: With Duplicate Finde TuneUp Utilities 2014 Crack,

  • you’ll easily find duplicate files across your entire hard disk.
  • Cloned photos
  • music titles
  • videos
  • documents – no matter what file type
  • we’ll help you figure out which version of the file you need
  • which you can safely delete.
  • You’ll often get back gigabytes of unnecessary data in no time.

Apps need a clean-up, too! with Tuneup Utilities 2014 Crack


  • Is your hard disk starting to fill up and you don’t know where all this extra weight is coming from? 
  • Do Windows 8 apps keep crashing? Has the Windows Store stopped working?


  • When browsing the Windows Store or downloading
  • using apps
  • data junk gets collected on your machine
  • This temporary data includes log files
  • images
  • cookies
  • history lists
  • and metadata files which are kept inside a hidden folder in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Solution: As with any browser

  • the Windows Store app and your Windows 8 apps need to be cleaned up
  • on a regular basis for two important reasons:
  • You’ll save disk space:
  • Depending on how much you use the Windows Store
  • its apps, you could get rid of hundreds of Megabytes worth of data
  • You solve problems:
  • Cleaning hidden trash can help solve issues
  • when launching or using the Windows Store and its apps.
  • Our brand new Windows 8 app cleaner
  • part of TuneUp Disk Cleaner
  • detects & removes this junk with ease
  • On one of our internal test machines
  • we were able to detect more than 28.000 files hidden inside the app folder, such as:
  • MP3 files and videos: e.g. temporary files stored by YouTube™ apps or other streaming clients.
  • Downloads: e.g. File downloads via the Internet Explorer® or Google Chrome™ apps.
  • Flash clips: e.g. Flash animations or clips (.flv) that were embedded in some apps and, thus, downloaded on the PC.
  • Cookies & Temporary Files: Many apps use cookies to store information to recognize you, in the same way as a browser does. In addition, apps like Xbox® Music Marketplace use a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to display content. This results in temporary browsing files being stored on your hard disk whenever you use these apps.


  • You’re on your flight and your battery runs out much sooner than usual.


  • Even in regular “Economy Mode”
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth® devices continue to search for connections.
  • This consumes battery and may even affect airplane electronics.


  • Just hit the Flight Mode switch to turn off all power-sapping wireless devices
  • save even more battery life than with Economy Mode.
  • Flight Mode is your ultimate power saver
  • but it’s not just for frequent flyers:
  • Whenever you need to squeeze the last bit out of your battery to finish
  • that last movie or project on the road
  • Flight Mode is for you. Here’s what it includes:
  • Reduced processor power consumption:
  • Flight Mode reduces your processors’ performance
  • optimizes their power consumption for maximum battery life
  • sufficient power for basic, everyday use.
  • Great power savings for your devices:
  • Flight Mode reduces the power consumption of many built-in devices.
  • Turn off energy-sapping programs:
  • Flight Mode switches off unnecessary background processes that slow PC performance down.
  • Turns off wireless devices:
  • Completely disables Wi-Fi & Bluetooth devices instantly just by flipping a switch. This will significantly prolong your battery life

Your new center for PC optimization Tuneup Utilities 2014 Crack

  • TuneUp Utilities 2014 doesn’t just boast great tools
  • to optimize performance, clean up your PC, and troubleshoot Windows®.
  • It also has an optimized
  • sleek user interface which helps you optimize your PC with ease.
  • Highlights include:
  • Instant access:
  • Choose between more speed and more battery life.
  • You can switch between power-conserving Economy Mode
  • powerful Turbo Mode with just one click
  • Sleek Optimization Status:
  • All new design shows what steps have already been taken
  • what still need to be done to get your PC speed running smoother.
  • Comprehensive care:
  • Not happy with your settings?
  • Deleted something by accident?
  • No problem! Our “Rescue Center” function
  • located in the Start Center
  • allows you to reverse changes or even set up a system restore point.
  • Special Mini-Gadget:
  • There’s also a special desktop gadget for Windows® Vista and Windows® 7
  • which displays your PC’s level of health
  • and offers instant fixes to improve it.

Up to 90% Faster Boot Time! with TuneUp Utilities 2014 Crack

  • PCs don’t just wear out or “get old”:
  • They get slower because users tend to install TuneUp Utilities 2014 Crack
  • (and uninstall!) lots of applications
  • that in turn slow down your PC with startup entries
  • background services and additional processes.
  • To put this effect to the test
  • we installed more than 150 applications on three Windows® 8 machines
  • observed the impact they had on the machine – then
  • we installed TuneUp Utilities 2014 Crack
  • and used all performance-related features
  • to get the PC up to speed again
  • TuneUp Utilities 2014 Crack
  • The results are impressive.
  • Some examples:
  • One of our bogged down PCs needed a minute
  •  to fully boot-up;
  • after being optimized by TuneUp Utilities
  • it only took about 8 seconds
  • File operations got also a speed boost of 12%.

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