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Windows 10 ISO Download AIO 32, 64 Bit Full Free

Windows 10 ISO Download AIO 32, 64 Bit Full Free

Windows 10 ISO Download AIO 32, 64 Bit Full Free

Full Features of Windows 10 ISO:

But out of its name, what are features of new Windows 10 ISO Free Download? Here are its main Features of Windows 10 ISO Free Download .

A Truly App Store:

With Windows 10 ISO Download, MS will allow you the source content for all PC and Android devices for running its software from Windows 10 . There will be same app store for Xbox, and Windows and Windows phone.


With Its features that includes corporate data protection as well as modern management Windows 10 is most and highly efficient in working. Start Menu: It has new and awesome start menu for users who are sick of windows 8 old start menu style.

Continuum Mode:

If you are using 2-in-1 PC then you must Use Windows 10 with a new Start Menu Screen. Under-the-hood, this new Windows 10 Full Download will auto detect that which type of hardware you’re using and it will auto adjust user-interface according to your requirements.

Enhanced Search:

search of Windows 10 ISO Download has been enhanced. Users can find anything directly from Start, and can Use both local as well as internet search using this facility. Desktop Optimizations: Windows 10 ISO Full has new and highly optimized desktop facility for you.

Enhanced View:

The new Snap View allows you more than 3 apps to be snapped in the same time on the same screen. it’s a very intuitive, best and all-round feature. Multiple Desktops: With Windows 10 Full Free Download , all PC and mobile users will be able to Use multiple desktops, that will allow productive, as well as organized style to arrange your separate desktops for different working.

Windows 10 For All PC and Mobile Devices:

The new version of Windows 10 is just a tailor to work on all PC and mobile devices, it can be used in a 4-inch phone, and up to an 80-inch PC display.

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