Windows Movie Maker Software 2015 Full Free Download

Windows Movie Maker Software 2015 Full Free Download

Windows Movie Maker Software Free Download Full Version

Windows Movie Maker 2015 is a free video editor program for PC, developed by Microsoft, which allows you to create and edit professional quality videos, add effects and transitions and export them for your viewing pleasure. The program is available to download for free in its full version via the link provided.

Windows Movie Maker Software 2015

Are you an aspiring film-maker who does not have the time to meticulously create and edit videos using an industry standard video editor? The creative potential that has been afforded to PC users in recent years has made it possible to simplify even the seemingly most complex of processes by creating compact, accessible interfaces and doing away with a lot of technical terminology – call it a de-specialization process. This is what Windows Movie Maker attempts to do by bridging the gap between professional quality videos and the editors that enable their creation. The latest version of Windows Movie Maker tries more so than ever to preserve this idea of simple but effective editing.

Windows Movie Maker: Professional Quality Editing Software

The program’s user interface is comprised of three main areas: the browse area, used for browsing for photos and videos and will act as your timeline when making videos; the editor, used for viewing and editing segments of your video; and finally, the menus, tools and social buttons at the top of the screen. To get started with Windows Movie Maker project, all you have to do is import some media, whether a video you filmed, a photo you took, etc. From here you can drag your media into the right-hand box and start editing.
Photos are displayed on top, videos on the bottom, all on a horizontal timeline. Windows Movie Maker Photos, videos, text and voice are all separated, and can be freely lengthened, shortened, or slid along the timeline with absolute freedom. Clicking on a segment will allow you to split, set an end point or edit it on its own. The tabbed menu at the top of the screen minimizes the effort involved in performing simple operations on your media. The ‘Home’ tab will be where you do most of your editing, letting you add media, record a webcam video, record a narration (voiceover), take snapshots, add titles, captions or credits and format all of them. Clicking on any of these will transform the top menu into a separate, dedicated menu making the editing process even easier. Download Here